3 Picture Frames To Consider For Your Family Photos

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Family photos are special moments captured in time. Since these pictures are near and dear to your heart, you want to put them in frames for added protection and beauty. There are many great frame choices to select from, but these three top the charts for many reasons. 


If you're strictly looking for a simple look to compliment your photos, traditional frames are ideal. They are readily available and extremely affordable today. They also come in many different material choices, including wood, wood, and acrylic.

Wooden frames are ideal for bringing warmth to your photos, and match seamlessly with other furniture pieces in your home. However, if your only care is durability, it's hard to match the stability and support of metal frames. They'll hold up for many years, no matter what objects bump into them and knock them down. Plastic/acrylic frames are ideal if you're looking to save money. They are also very lightweight compared to the other options.


For a more dramatic effect, shadowbox picture frames are your best option. They are unique in that they feature a deep box that's covered by a sheet of glass. Since these frames are several inches thick, you can place large pictures and memorabilia in them. This is ideal if you're trying to create some sort of colleague or dynamic visual effect for your pictures.

Other three-dimensional possessions you might want to put in shadowbox frames include awards, medals, movies, collectibles, costumes, clothing, and family heirlooms. Just make sure the frame is properly anchored into the wall, since these items weigh more than pictures.


You may be more into taking photos with your digital camera, as these pictures are easy to keep up with and store. You can still show off these beautiful moments with a digital picture frame. You can simply upload your favorite pictures to the frame using a thumb drive. No longer do you have to worry about keeping up with large photo albums.

Digital picture frames also come with some interesting settings. For example, while the frame is scrolling through pictures, you can play music through the built-in speakers that provides the appropriate mood for reminiscing. 

In order to properly display family photos in your house, you need the right picture frame. Think about important aspects, such as style and durability, to find frames that accentuate your photos and give them ample protection over the years. Contact a company, like Hoosier Highlander, for more help.

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