Are You Creating Your Own Paper Designs?

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Are you an artist? If so, you might have been thinking about creating your own designs on paper with the plan of making your own gifts. From designing your own note cards to buying a color printer, here are some ideas that might help you to be successful in your endeavor to create your own paper designs that will be used for gifts and for your own use.

Start With A Plan - Are you the kind of artistic genius that can create amazing work but then not be quite sure of what to do with it? If so, just focus on the talent you have and get organizational ideas from books and magazines. For example, as you look through a magazine that contains recipes, you might be inspired to create a gift book on which you have included one of your own illustrations on a blank page, leaving room for the gift recipient on which to write his or her recipe. You might be inspired to make your own note cards and stationery. Consider making a file of ideas that you find in the books and magazines you study. Write down ideas or cut out pictures of things you want to save for later reference. Place them in categories in your file. For example, one file might be titled Ideas For Notecards and another file might be titled Ideas For Fancy Handwriting. You get the picture, right?

Buy A Color Printer - Of course, you could take your work to a commercial service where it can be professionally printed. However, if you know that you will be needing a color printer for your many projects, it might actually be very useful for you to buy your own color printer to use at home. Color printers are more than likely a lot more affordable than you thought they would be. As you shop, consider explaining to the clerk at the office supply store what your plan is, how you want to use the printer to copy your own work. The clerk will have the training and the experience to know exactly which color printer you need. He or she will also be able to sell you the color ink cartridges that you will be needing to print your art work.

If you will be doing an at-home business, be sure to keep the receipt from the sale of your printer so that you can use it for tax purposes.

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