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Outlet malls are popular places to shop if you love a deal. Value Retails News suggests that people save an average of 38% when shopping at outlet malls compared to traditional malls. To make sure you get the best savings, learn the types of outlet shopping centers that exist and some tips to save the most money. 

Types of Outlet Mall Stores

Knowing the type of store you're at can help you get the best deals. There are four types of outlet mall stores:

  • True outlet store

A true outlet store is what most people think of when they think of an outlet store. It sells the items that the retail store does not have room for because it was not popular, out of season, or damaged. These stores have the greatest discounts, but always check the merchandise!

  • Factory store

Most outlet stores are factory stores. These stores produce items specifically made for the factory store. Since they are less expensive items, they are usually cheaper quality. About 82% of items at outlet malls were specifically manufactured to be sold at the outlet store. 

  • Retail store

Many retailers don't have outlet stores but set up retail locations in outlet malls to get the business. If a store does not specifically indicate that it's an outlet store, double check! You won't get the deals you're looking for at a retail store. 

  • Refurbished electronics store

When electric companies have slightly damaged electronics or electronics that can't be sold in the retail location, these items can be fixed and repackaged to be sold at a substantial discount for no loss in quality. 

Tips For Saving at Outlet Malls

  • Timing is everything

Shopping at the right time can really make a difference. Go to the outlet mall during the week in the morning to avoid crowds who might spot the best deals before you do. You'll get even more savings if you shop off season. 

  • Don't assume everything is a deal

While most items are marked down at outlet malls, a lot of items are marked down at your local mall, too. Is the price advertised at the outlet mall truly a deal? Double check the price of an items at other locations to ensure you're getting a good price. 

  • Loyalty cubs

Many outlet malls and stores within the outlet malls have loyalty programs that can save you a lot of money at your favorite stores on top of the outlet store savings. 

  • Check your items

Retailers try their best not to put damaged goods on the floor. However, especially at an outlet mall, it could happen. Verify that your item is clean and in good condition. Also, always know the return policy and warranty before buying an item. 

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