Going Rustic For Your New Decor? How To Protect Your New Leather Hide Rug

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If you're in the process of redecorating your home and you've chosen a leather hide rug as a decorative piece, you'll need to be prepared for the care. Leather hide rugs can lend rustic appeal to any room and are quite durable. However, they do require some maintenance and tender loving care to keep them looking their best. To help you protect your leather hide rug, here are some maintenance and care tips you should follow.

Keep It Clean

When it comes to caring for your leather hide rug, the most important thing you can do is keep it clean. Your rug should be vacuumed several times a week to keep the dirt from ruining the hide. If it's small enough, you should take your rug outside at least once a month to give it a good shaking. The shaking will help loosen up debris that is stuck in the hide. It's also important that you brush your leather hide rug with a hard plastic brush at least once a week. Be sure to brush with the fibers of the hair to avoid damage. Brushing will help keep the leather hide soft.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

When planning the placement of your leather hide rug, be sure to avoid areas where the hide will come in contact with direct sunlight. Allowing your rug to be exposed to direct sunlight on a regular basis will destroy the hide. If the room you've chosen does experience direct sunlight, be sure to apply protective treatment to the windows. The protective window treatments will reduce the amount of sunlight that makes its way into the room and protect your leather hide rug from sun damage.

Prevent Traffic Marks

If your rug is going to be placed on the floor in an area that receives a lot of foot traffic, you'll need to take measures to prevent traffic marks. The best way to do that is to rotate your rug about once a week. Simply turn the rug one quarter turn in either direction to ensure that no single area receives the bulk of the foot traffic. Be sure to turn your run in the same direction each time. That way, your rug makes a full circle at least once a month.

Treat Spills Immediately

If you're going to have a leather hide rug in your home, it's only a matter of time before something is spilled on it. When that happens, you'll need to act fast. As soon as the spill occurs, grab a soft cloth and gently dab away the moisture. You want to remove as much of the liquid as you can before it is absorbed into the leather below. Once you've removed the liquid, wipe the area with a damp cloth and a small amount of mild shampoo. Wipe again with a clean damp cloth and then dry the area by blotting it with a dry towel.

For more information about caring for your leather hide, contact a local store that carries hides, like Universal Leather

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