5 Things To Bring Home From Michigan As Souvenirs

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The state of Michigan is a diverse place with friendly people, a lot of farmland, and also some city centers like that of Detroit. Your visit to this state is sure to be a memorable one, but bringing home a souvenir can help preserve your memories over time. Here are five items to consider as your Michigan souvenir.

1. A T-Shirt

T-shirts are a classic souvenir option because they are something you can actually use. Each time you wear the shirt, you will think about your trip. There are many Michigan t-shirts available, but some really unique ones to look for might be:

  • A shirt with a map of the state on it
  • A short depicting Roger's City, the largest limestone quarry -- which is found in Michigan
  • A shirt with a car on it, since Detroit is the car capital of the world

2. A Miniature Car

As mentioned above, Detroit is known for its role in the car industry. If you visited Detroit during your stay in Michigan, you probably saw the numerous car manufacturing plants and car sales lots. Some souvenir stores sell miniature cars that could serve as a great reminder of your time in Michigan. Look for one that represents your own favorite make and model of car.

3. A Stuffed Wolverine

Michigan is known as the Wolverine state. Although there are no longer any wolverines in the state, people really cling to this mantra. If you can find a stuffed wolverine, this would be a wonderful souvenir -- especially for a child. You can even find ones with the words "Wolverine State" printed on their sides.

4. A Painted Turtle

You may not want to buy a real painted turtle, as that would require a lot of care. But a plastic painted turtle would be a great choice. This is the state reptile for Michigan, and it's also a rather interesting animal due to its naturally colorful shell.

5. Anything Made From Copper

If you find a copper mug, a copper bowl, or even a copper picture frame that you like, buy it as a souvenir! It's something you can actually use and represents Michigan well. The upper portion of the state is known for its huge copper deposits.

Any of the items above would make great memory souvenirs from your Michigan trips. Explore the stores to see what they have to offer and bring home one of your favorites. 

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