3 Reasons Buying A New Piano Is Better Than Buying Used

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The beautiful, melodious sound of a piano has been a thing of admiration for many years. If you play the piano yourself, or even if you just like the idea of having one in your home for others to play, you will likely take a look at local classified listings to find a used one first. While buying a used piano can definitely save you a little money on the purchase price, it is always a better idea if you can buy new pianos instead. Take a look at some of the woes that can come along with buying a used piano. 

1. Pianos are extremely heavy to move. 

There is a good reason why you see a lot of empty houses and apartments with a seemingly perfect piano left behind. These instruments are extremely difficult to move. Most of them have solid iron parts in the interior that can make the instrument weigh an obscene amount. A big upright piano can weigh between 600 and 800 pounds, and the bigger piano models can go even higher than that. If you were to buy a used piano from an individual, you would have to pay to have someone move the thing. If you buy a new piano, they will take care of delivery for you most of the time. 

2. Pianos that have not been properly maintained can have all kinds of problems. 

One of the biggest advantages of buying a new piano is you get an instrument that is brand-new and in perfect shape; there will be no hidden problems. If you buy a used piano, however, and the piano has not been properly maintained, you could inherit a less-than-functional instrument that never really plays right. For example, pianos that have been exposed to a lot of moisture can have issues staying in tune. 

3. Pianos are commonly damaged during relocation. 

Because moving a piano is something that has to be done with the greatest care, it is not common for them to be damaged during a move. It would be really unfortunate to pay someone for a piano only to get it at your home and damaged, unable to be used. A private seller is likely not going to refund your money because once the instrument left their possession, it was your responsibility. If you buy the piano from a shop new, they will ensure the instrument is delivered properly and cover any damages. 

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