Potential Uses For CBD Products

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CBD is the medically beneficial chemical within marijuana, and it can be used to treat a range of different issues. Here are some of the benefits that you might use CBD products for.

Non-Addictive Pain Management

Marijuana has long been used for pain treatment in cultures that didn't have modern medicine, and the CBD oil that's extracted from marijuana offers excellent pain management benefits. Today, an increasing number of people are turning to CBD products to reduce pain.

CBD products are hardly the only pain management option that's available now, but these products have a couple of distinct advantages when treating chronic pain. First, CBD can be taken on an indefinite basis. This sets it apart from some pain medications that damage the liver or kidney if they're taken for too long at once. Second, CBD isn't addictive — THC is the addictive chemical in marijuana and it's not included in CBD products. This makes CBD substantially different from opioids, which also effectively treat pain but can be extremely addictive.

When taken for ongoing pain management, CBD products may be consumed on an as-needed basis as the pain ebbs and flows. Alternatively, a constant amount of CBD can be consumed via a product of your choice and according to a regular schedule.

Anxiety and Depression Reduction

Marijuana has also been associated with helping people relax, and CBD products have this effect. While everyone might like to relax from time to time, the relaxing influence of CBD products can be especially helpful to people who experience anxiety and depression. Often with comorbid experiences, CBD products may help reduce both of these issues.

When taken for anxiety and depression, CBD products are especially helpful because they can be discretely consumed on an as-needed basis. No one will think twice if they see you have a mint or piece of gum in public, and products like these can be infused with CBD.

Acne Treatment

CBD's benefit as a potential acne treatment isn't widely known because research in this area is ongoing, but at least one study has suggested that CBD could minimize acne. CBD is an anti-inflammatory, which means it reduces inflammation in the body. This property can help reduce inflammation of pimples on the skin and, thereby, reduce acne.

When taken as an acne treatment, CBD products that are applied directly to the skin might be especially useful. Lotions and ointments containing CBD are available. 

Visit a CBD shop to see what products are available. 

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