Fun Stuff In The Mail: Bringing Back Childhood Excitement With Box Services

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Remember when you were a kid and there was something in the mail with your name on it? How about all of those Free Stuff for Kids books you bought so that you could mail away for all the offers in them that you liked? Then you would get a ton of freebies in the mail, and your name was on every envelope or every package. That was fun.

Now you are an adult, and the closest thing to fun in the mail is a catalog filled with kitsch that you kind of like. Why not bring back the fun you once had by getting something in the mail that is just for you? Sure, maybe spending a lot of money is not the way to garner a little joy, but spending a little money on a subscription box is. The following fun boxes may be just the thing to help you forget for a moment that you are not a kid anymore.

Fashion Accessory Subscription Boxes

For the wannabe glam queen who is stuck at home all day with 2.4 kids and wears nothing but sweats because she cannot get out of the house to do anything else, this is the perfect subscription box. Inside each of these boxes could be any sort of fun or glamorous accessory. New shoes, new jewelry, designer sunglasses, new hair accessories, or even a new purse could be in this one. Every month, a bunch of new things arrive, and they are all just for her. If you are the "she" in this situation, you could certainly appreciate something to glam up those sweats, right? Check out a box like L.V. Kiki for fashion items.

Candy Subscription Boxes

Do you horde candy? Sometimes it is nice to buy the giant bag of mini chocolate bars and hide it where no one else will get it. That is exactly the premise of a candy subscription box. Lots of candy, and it is all YOURS.

Comic Superhero/Villain Collector Boxes

Saturdays as a kid were all about watching cartoons in the morning and riding bikes and reading comics in the afternoon. Now, riding a bike is too much like exercise and nothing like fun, and you are pretty sure your mom threw out your comic book collection a long time ago. Sad, but you can still get a lot of your favorite comic book superheroes and villains in these types of subscription boxes. You can even choose between which comic book universe you like best.

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