Choices For Buying Luxury Calfskin Sneakers

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Buying a pair of luxury calfskin men's sneakers can be a good decision, providing you with footwear that you can enjoy using for years. This type of footwear is highly versatile. It's stylish enough to wear with a suit, but you can also wear it to work, for casual outings with friends, and at numerous other times. When you visit a high-end men's shoe store, you'll likely see several different pairs of calfskin sneakers for sale. It can be fun to try on a few different styles to find the right one for you. Here are some choices that you may get to make.

Laces Or Velcro

One topic to think about is how you want to fasten your new shoes. The majority of luxury calfskin shoes feature laces, and you may find that this design offers the look and functionality that you want. You'll see some sneakers that have velcro fasteners. While this type of fastener is a fixture in children's shoes, it's also an option for many high-end leather shoes. You might feel that velcro fasteners make it easier to get your shoes on and off, or you might simply like the stylish look of this design.

Other Materials

There are lots of calfskin sneakers that are entirely made of calfskin from the edge of the sole upward. There are other models, however, that feature other materials. For example, you might see a shoe that has a material such as canvas in one or more areas, with calfskin making up the other areas. Often, a fully calfskin sneaker can look formal, while a style with other materials may have more of a casual appearance. Try to think about how you primarily expect to wear these new shoes, as this may help you to decide what style is right.


The color of luxury calfskin sneakers can vary a lot. Because calfskin is a natural material, it's common to see these shoes in natural colors. Expect to see shoes in black, gray, and several different shades of brown. These colors offer a classic look, but you might be in the mood for something more vibrant. You'll also see calfskin shoes that are dyed to be white, red, blue, and other colors. Some of these shoes even feature different colors on different panels of leather, which can offer a hip look. Keep these topics in mind as you shop for calfskin-crafted men's luxury sneakers.

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