4 Questions That Will Help You Purchase Jewelry

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There are many ways to buy jewelry and many beautiful pieces to choose from. Jewelry can seem like a luxury that's out of reach, but it can actually be very accessible to people of any budget. Purchasing jewelry for the first time can seem nerve-wracking, but answering these four questions will help you enjoy the process:

1. Should you buy online or in-person?

Online shopping is the height of convenience, allowing people to buy almost anything without leaving their homes. However, some things are better purchased in person. If you're planning to buy a necklace, brooch, or another piece of jewelry for which sizing is immaterial, you can feel free to make your purchase online. Rings, bracelets, and other pieces of jewelry that require correct sizing are better purchased at a jewelry store. Buying jewelry at a physical store also gives you a chance to evaluate jewels' luster in person, which is hard to capture accurately on film.

2. Is the jewelry for yourself or someone else?

Before you start looking at jewelry, you must keep in mind your intended recipient. The approach you'll take when buying jewelry for yourself is much different from the one you'll use when buying a gift. If you're buying jewelry for someone else, you should make sure to keep their preferences in mind. The last thing you want to do is buy someone a piece of jewelry that doesn't suit their tastes or sense of style at all. If the present doesn't need to be a surprise, you might consider bringing the intended recipient shopping with you to get their input.

3. Do you want a trendy piece or something timeless?

Jewelry is crafted in many different styles. Some trends have come and gone throughout the years, while others have stayed. When purchasing a piece of jewelry, you'll need to decide between trendy and timeless pieces. Both have their pros and cons. Trendy pieces are fashion-forward, but they may become dated quickly. Timeless pieces are classy and understated, but they may not make the big statement you're hoping for.

4. Is your life highly physical or more sedentary?

Finally, you'll want to consider your lifestyle when purchasing jewelry. Some types of jewelry are impractical for highly active people. Jewelry is meant to be worn and admired, so make sure to purchase jewelry that you'll be able to wear and enjoy regularly.

If you have more questions, contact local jewelry stores. 

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