How To Choose The Best Online Liquidation Sales Sites

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If you've decided to buy stock to sell from online liquidation sales companies, then you need to find sites that sell the right products at a good price. However, you should also look at how a company works and the extra services it offers before you start to purchase. What should you look for?

Regular Lot Updates

Online liquidation sales sites typically update stock as and when they have it. They want to sell as fast as possible. However, you should check out how often a site lists new lots and when this happens. This can affect your buying opportunities.

Ideally, a site should add new lots on a regular basis. For example, some have a daily update; others have a few fixed times during the day when they refresh their listings. If a site doesn't drop lots at set times, then look for email or messaging updates. They help you find out about lots you might want to bid on or buy without missing out or having to spend a lot of time refreshing the website.

Options To Buy

While you often use an auction format to bid on liquidation lots, some companies also offer different buying options. While an auction listing can help you get a bargain price, this format can also drive up prices if a lot of people bid on the same lot. You also have to wait for a lot listing to end before you get your items.

To cover all your bases, look for sites that give you as many buying options as possible. For example, some sites also have fixed price or buy-it-now lots. You can use these formats to buy lots faster without worrying about losing out to another buyer.

Good Problem Management

You can't physically see the items you buy from online liquidation sales companies. While companies grade their stock to help you out, you won't know exactly what you will get until your shipment arrives. Even if you only buy new items, you can still have unforeseen problems. For example, items might not work or might be damaged.

Look for companies that will handle these problems quickly and fairly. For example, some liquidation sales specialists give warranties on new items. Others have structured dispute processes that help you claim money back if a shipment doesn't match its original site listing.

To find out more, start looking at online liquidation sales websites.

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