Elite Shungite: Why Buying This Stone In Various Sizes Benefits You

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The elite shungite stone is a stunning black stone with plenty of sheen. It's intended to help block EMF rays and can also be helpful in purifying water and keeping bacteria and other contaminants at bay. For this reason, many people choose to have the elite shungite stone handy when they are working on their computers, or they put this stone in their water bottles to keep the water clean.

You can buy elite shungite in various sizes online or at your favorite gemstone store. Prices vary depending on size and other factors, and genuine elite shungite should not be very inexpensive. Here are reasons to buy your elite shungite in various sizes for your personal benefit.

Smaller stones give more surface area

The smaller the elite shungite stones you have, the more surface area you can benefit from if you're using the stone strictly for its healing and other properties. Smaller stones are also cheaper, and can be placed in window sills, alongside laptops or phone charging stations, or simply worn in a pocket for on-the-go use.

Larger stones are more commanding

If you prefer large elite shungite stones for their beauty and allure, and to use them for both decoration as well as EMF protection, then it's wise to buy the larger stones. While the smaller stones can be fitted into a ring, bracelet, or just placed in the pocket, a larger piece of elite shungite is meant to work as an elite shungite pendant or used for other major purposes. You can buy large elite shungite stones in various shapes and sizes, in either polished or unpolished styles, and can even place them in water bottles for an effective cleanse of water without the worry of swallowing stones.

You can buy elite shungite in its natural form, uncut for greater use of its healing properties, or buy the stone polished and smoothed based on personal taste. When buying elite shungite stones, particularly large shungite elite stones, keep in mind your shipping costs as these stones can become quite heavy.

Charge your stones often under the sun or the moon and cleanse them gently periodically to help them maintain their healing properties. Smaller stones may need to be cleaned more frequently due to their size.

Adding elite shungite to your jewelry or personal gemstone collection can benefit you in many ways. Your gemstone supplier can teach you more about elite shungite so you use the stone to its best abilities.

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