Helpful Tips for Wearing Trophy Belt Buckles

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You might have seen others wear big, beautiful trophy belt buckles, and you might have always wanted to buy one yourself. This might be especially true if you're an equestrian or if you really love western style. However, if you've never worn one of these belt buckles, it's normal to feel a little intimidated and unsure of how to wear it. Luckily, these tips can help you out a lot.

Choose a Few Trophy Belt Buckles

Instead of buying just one trophy belt buckle, you may want to buy a few. After all, they come in different sizes and have all sorts of designs on them, depending on your preferences. You can even have them custom-made to suit you. Many people like to at least have trophy belt buckles in two sizes. A smaller one will pair nicely with your dressier clothes, while you can wear a bigger trophy belt buckle when you're dressed more casually, such as when you're wearing jeans.

Wear Them with the Right Belt

Trophy belt buckles are typically sold separately from belts. Naturally, you'll want to choose a nice, properly fitting belt to put your belt buckle on.

Show Them Off

The whole reason why you have probably purchased one of these buckles is so you can show it off, so you shouldn't wear your shirt over your belt buckle, making it difficult or impossible for people to see it. Plus, this can leave an unsightly bulge under your shirt, which you probably want to avoid. Instead, either tuck in your shirt or do a half-tuck when you're wearing a trophy belt buckle. Then, everyone will be able to see your belt buckle with ease!

Take Care of Them

Depending on the belt buckle that you buy, you will want to take proper care of it to keep it looking good. Many trophy belt buckles are made from silver, sterling silver, or yellow gold, but this does vary. Avoid using anything abrasive to clean your belt buckle, as this can leave scratches and other imperfections on it. Instead, use a clean, soft cloth to clean it off. From time to time, use mild soap and water to clean your belt buckle. After, make sure you dry it off carefully and buff it nicely. By taking the necessary steps to take care of your belt buckle, you can help it last longer and make sure that it looks as nice as possible.

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